News for 3/25/13

Sandusky                                                                        3 25 13 

 Part of an interview with Jerry Sandusky will air on the Today show.  According to the Patriot News, today's interview will be excerpts from Sandusky's discussions with film maker John Zielger, who is in the process of making a film about Joe Paterno that will attempt to show how the media misrepresented Paterno's role in the Sandusky Scandal. Ziegler will appear on the show to discuss portions of interviews with the convicted former Penn State assistant coach drawn from an in person visit, recorded telephone calls and letters.

According to Today host Matt Lauer, Sandusky is expected to describe in his own words what happened on the Penn State campus. He will also speak about Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary.    

Sandusky will not appear on camera because recording devices are not permitted in state prison, but phone interviews may be recorded. 

Psu Wrestling

 A nice crowd of around 40 people were at University Park Airport yesterday to welcome the Penn State wrestling team back to Happy Valley.The Nittany Lions won their 3rd consecutive National Championship and 4th all time on Saturday night holding off Oklahoma State. Quentin Wright and Ed Ruth took home individual titles.  

Pedestrian Crashes

 State College Police are investigating a pair of crashes that injured 2 pedestrians over the weekend.

 The first crash occurred Friday night when 19 year old Evan Taylor was struck by a car while heading south on East College Avenue near the Elmwood Street intersection. Taylor was flown to Altoona Regional where he was in the surgical ICU department. 

 The second accident happened early Saturday morning when 20 year old Roberto Baldizion Diaz was hit while crossing North Atherton Street at the Mitchell Avenue intersection. According to police, Baldizion Diaz was flown to Altoona regional with head trauma.

 Both drivers in the accidents were not intoxicated and not believed to be driving at an unsafe speed. 

Gas prices

 Gas prices are on the decline again. According to the latest Lundberg Survey, the national average cost of a regular gallon is now 3.71, down 3 cents from 2 weeks ago and down more than 20 cents from a year ago.

 The average price in Pennsylvania is at $3.65 per gallon. As of early this morning in Happy Valley, gas is $3.69 in many spots, but can be found as cheap as $3.59.

Bellefonte Fish Hatchery

 State representative Kerry Benninghoff is praising the plan to keep the Bellefonte Fish Hatchery open.

 Benninghoff is calling the decision “good news for Pennsylvania anglers and the employees who work there.” He also emphasized that he is committed to “working with the Fish and Boat Commission in the future on other initiatives to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s fishing and boating communities.”

 The Pennsylvania Fish and Boating Commission voted unanimously on Friday to keep the Bellefonte hatchery open for at least two more years.

Huntingdon Murder/Suicide

 A Petersburg man fatally shot his 2 year old son and injured his wife before turning the gun on himself during a custody exchange.

 According to the Centre Daily Times, State Police at Huntingdon said Kenneth Robert Ayers shot Hollie Jo Ayers in the right arm and both legs outside Kenneth Ayers’ residence during a physical altercation around 8:45am on Saturday shortly after Hollie Jo Ayers brought their 2 year old son to the residence. Ayers then shot and killed his son and placed the child’s body in the back of his vehicle and then shot Hollie Jo Ayers in the face when she attempted to retrieve the body. He then shot at his mother, Mary Ayers, missing her.

 State police said Kenneth Ayers was later found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound in a wooded area adjacent to state Route 550 in Warriors Mark Township