The Tri-County Report for July 25th 2014

Tri-County report for July, 25th 2014

Police arrested two teenagers after a man was shot in New Castle on Thursday. TribLive is reporting 17 Leland Burnette of New Castle  is charged with attempted homicide and other charges, and 18 year old Markeace Perkins also of New Castle, faces conspiracy charges.  Police believe the two were involved in the shooting of 27 year old John Hawkins of New Castle who was shot around 10:20 yesterday morning in the 200 block of West Lincoln Avenue.  Hawkins was first taken to Jameson Hospital then was flown to a Pittsburgh Hospital for treatment.  The investigation is continuing.

Beaver County sheriff's deputy is heading to trial on charges he changed his story several times during a police investigation of his boss.  A judge held Thomas Ochs for trial yesterday in connection to a meeting he witnessed between County Sheriff George David and an online journalist.  Ochs first told investigators that David had not drawn his gun during the meeting, but later said he had.  Prosecutors say if Ochs had told the truth originally, David would have been charged much sooner.  David was acquitted earlier this month of witness intimidation and assault in connection to that meeting.

State Police in Lawrence County report a burglary at a business in Bessemer.  Police said someone broke into L&R Maintenance on Beechwood Road and removed a strong box containing 300 dollars in cash and another 300 dollars in U.S. stamps.  The investigation is continuing.

Police in Neshannock Township have arrested 50 year old Todd Abraham of New Castle after he allegedly threatened some construction workers with a gun.  According to police Abraham was upset that workers from W.D. Wright Contracting where digging a storm sewer on his business property on Wilmington Road.  Abraham was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and terroistic threats.  He was released after posting bond.

A Beaver County couple is facing charges in connection to the deaths of their two young daughters.  David and Jennifer Beatty were charged yesterday for the July 4th incident, which occurred when a dresser fell on the two-and three-year-old girls.  David Beatty was reportedly home alone with the children when he heard a loud crash, but waited 20 minutes before checking on them.   Officials say they might have lived if their father had responded faster.  The children were also living in "extremely deplorable" conditions, with human and animal fecal matter on the walls, floor and bed, and flies throughout the house.

Gov. Tom Corbett's administration has changed its stance and says it will keep a health care program for the disabled rather than seeking to shift some of the approximately 36,000 enrollees into private insurance plans. Public Welfare Secretary Beverly Mackereth made the announcement Thursday to a Medicaid advisory group meeting. The proposal to end Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities was initially a part of the Republican governor's plan to use federal Medicaid expansion dollars to extend private health insurance coverage to hundreds of thousands of low-income adults. The change is the Corbett administration's latest revision while it seeks federal approval for its plan. The shift would have saved the state government an estimated $38 million a year

A "smart" traffic system is being introduced in Cranberry.  Officials say the system will be used on Freedom Road and will have new and better software, detection devices and timers.  Cameras and radar systems at the intersections will detect where the back-ups are and will then try to adjust.  Officials are hoping to have the system fully operational by Christmas and may expand it to other areas when funds are available.

 A man convicted of killing a York County teenager 21 years ago is going to die by lethal injection.  Governor Tom Corbett signed an execution warrant yesterday for Hubert Michael Jr. in connection to the murder of 16-year-old Trista Eng in 1993.  The warrant is the fourth signed for Michael.  Governor Ridge, Governor Rendell and Governor Corbett all signed warrants previously, but all three were stayed during appeals that were eventually denied.  Officials say Eng accepted a ride to work from Michael, but instead he took her to state game lands and shot her three times before hiding her body in the woods.

Police are investigating an armed robbery in Eau Claire. According to Butler State Police, a white male wearing an orange bandana, sun glasses, a blue ski mask, grey tank top and jeans entered a home on North Washington Street in the borough last week, pointed a gun at the homeowner and demanded prescription drugs. The alleged robber left with $650 worth of drugs.

One parent who's doing time for the death of his 15-month-old girl is asking the Superior Court for a new trial.  Robert Dodson is appealing a judge's rejection of his request.   Dodson and the other parent, Tammy Bohon, are in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the 2011 death of special needs child Madison Violet Dodson of Point Marion, Fayette County.  Dodson's lawyer filed the appeal yesterday arguing Dodson had "ineffective" counsel.